Here are examples of our  Regular "Dancer"  & Ipu Heke bags.  The Dancer bag shown
 is one of the first that we made and belongs to Miss Bag Lady herself, it shows all of the 
instruments she uses including her Halau book.  Our Ipu Heke is shown in and out
of its bag and for reference purposes our Ipu Heke is 22 inches tall, the Po (top gourd) is 30 inches
in circumference and the Kino (bottom gourd) is 39 inches in circumference.  If your instrument is
larger or smaller we can make a custom bag to fit your Ipu Heke but we will need a picture and the
diamensions (like ours above) of your Ipu Heke to make your bag.
We hope that these pictures help you.


Important changes in our Current Bags in Inventory 

The bags below represent our current fabric inventory; a larger image can be seen by clicking  
on the thumbnail.   The thumbnails in yellow represent our current fabric inventory, please allow 5 to 7 days for shipping.

The exception is where we no longer have a particular fabric anymore, what is listed in "white" indicates the type and quantity
of the inventory that is available, but check with us on availability because quantities change frequently.

If you don't see a colour combination that you would like, email us and let us know your preferences and we will try to match your request.  We work closely with the textile
manufacturers for their latest print releases and each print is on an availability basis and can come in a wide variety of colour combinations.  We are going to start updating the "on the shelf quantities" with the new changes taking place in October, the "Dancer" bags below are an example. If you would like quantities  greater than what is indicated for material that is available please contact us.

**** New prints have arrived and we are currently in production, starting in October we will have a new catagory section
where we will showcase pictures of the new bags. When bags are available and in stock the new bags will be added to our current bag inventory section by type with the quantities on the shelf. We are hoping this will facilitate quicker delivery to you. Also, on the home page there is a fillable order form available that you can fill out and email to us that will help us respond quicker. If you have any question please call or email so we can be of assistance, Mahalo.

* Coming soon new prints and colours that have just arrived!


Current invenntory in stock, colours may vary slightly on different computer displays.

Brown 001 
        In Stock



Green 003
        In Stock

Orange 002
        In Stock

Blue 004
        In Stock

Purple 003

Green 006
        In Stock

Purple 002
        In Stock

Pink 002 
        In Stock


Yellow 004 
        In Stock

Gray 001 
        In Stock

Green 004
        In Stock

Yellow 003 
        In Stock

Maroon 002 
        In Stock

Maroon 001
        In Stock

Purple 004 
        In Stock

 Green 007 
        In Stock

 Blue 006
        In Stock

Pink 004 
        In Stock

Black 003 
        In Stock

Green 005
        In Stock

Orange 003
        In Stock

cream tribal
Cream 002
In Stock

Orange 005
  In Stock

green fern
Green 010
        In Stock


Orange 004
        In Stock

cream 003
Cream 003
  In Stock


blue 007
 Blue 007
        In Stock

Black 005
 In Stock

 In Stock


 In Stock

  In Stock


 These Bags represent the last of the inventory we have for the bags shown, Please call for availability.

Blue 005 


White 001